Passion Projects

The following projects hold space for Black, Indigenous & People Of Color with disabilities as we collectively find our way towards love, laughter, and liberation.  These types of projects have anchored me through turbulent moments, especially when it feels like everything is drifting apart. During those times, I remember that I can use gentle hands to help build and bridge in ways that bring and keep us together.  

In February 2020 Justice created/curated Disability Rights In Black, a daily celebration recognizing the remarkable contributions of Black disability rights advocates and attorneys. Each day featured phenomenal profiles via social media of Black advocates and attorneys who have previously influenced disability rights or who are currently making an impact in their communities. The series also highlighted Black youth who aspire to reimagine disability rights in ways reflective of their dreams for a more inclusive and intersectional future. Check out the entire series comprised of personal videos, written reflections and penned tributes here!

WOC World is a virtual space for Blind Women Of Color to connect, converse and build community. Members are encouraged to share lived experiences, ask questions (personal or professional) & receive genuine guidance/peer support. Engaging events and regular check ins help to strengthen and sustain this emergent world we are collectively building.

WOC World was created by 3 badass Blind Women Of Color, Justice Shorter, Melissa Lomax and Conchita Hernandez Legorreta. Each of us are committed to now creating the very same communal spaces we once yearned for throughout our youth while navigating school, careers, and active social lives.

If you, or someone you know, identifies as a Blind Woman Of Color then consider joining our blossoming community here!